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Ursäkta röran! (vi bygger om) (2002)

Ursäkta röran! (vi bygger om) is a movie released 2002 director is has a duration of 30 minutes, this film was released in the languages Sv on a budget with a score on the IMDB 0.0 and with a cast of actors Fredrik Wikingsson Filip Hammar . Ursäkta röran (vi bygger om) was a Swedish television programme that was broadcast on TV4 in 2002. It was Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson first success and was the show that brought them to fame. The concept involved Filip and Fredrik making fun of both famous and unknown people using a hidden camera and similar setups. The jokes were of a rather unusual, sometimes experimental, nature and some viewers took offense, feeling that the pair were humiliating innocent people. The show made the headlines due to a segment called "the Swedish Nazi-reference championship" where they fooled singer and former Expedition Robinson-star Emma Andersson into an interview where they made as many Nazi-references as possible and observed her reactions. This included jokes such as naming the show they claimed to work for "Treblinka", claiming that Leni Riefenstahl was a modern director of music-videos, that Joseph Goebbels was a DJ whose music resembled Andersson's, and dozens of other references to the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Throughout the interview, Andersson wore a T-shirt with the text "Treblinka - Class of '45". Andersson didn't seem to react at all on tape. She later claimed that her reactions were edited out in order to make fun of her - a claim Fredrik Wikingsson has later refuted.

  • Filip Hammar
  • Fredrik Wikingsson

Seasons: 1
  • Country: SE
  • Language: Sv
  • Runtime: 30
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